Environmental Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

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BP, the Coast Guard and thousands of local fisermen are trying to control the oil slick moving toward the shores of 4 Gulf-coast states. Meantime, a 4-story, 100-ton containment dome has arrived on the ocean’s surface, 5000 feet above the well that’s gushing 210,000 gallons of oil every day. The numbers alone reveal the magnitude of an impending disaster.


Jeffrey Ball - Scholar-in-residence Stanford. Writer on energy & environment in The Atlantic, FortuneMagazine, etc. - @Jeff_Ball, Mark Schleifstein - Times-Picayune - @mschleifsteintp, Rayola Dougher - Senior Economic Advisor, American Petroleum Institute, Ian MacDonald - Florida State University, Doug Inkley - Senior Scientist, National Wildlife Federation, Kate Sheppard - Huffington Post - @kate_sheppard

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