"You Stink" Movement Targets Trash and Corruption in Beirut

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The so-called "Arab Spring" never took place in Lebanon, despite growing public outrage at a government divided between Muslims and Christians since the end of the civil war in 1990. Now, there are widespread calls for the "downfall of the regime" with a massive protest called for tomorrow. Lebanon's divided government has not collected trash or garbage since June, and mountains are piling up in the streets of Beirut. That has spurred a protest campaign called, "You Stink," which is based on the failure to provide all kinds of basic services.

A woman pushes a stroller as other people ride on a scooter past garbage piled up along a street in Beirut, Lebanon.
Public anger that has come to a head over the trash crisis turned violent at the weekend,
with scores of protesters and security forces injured.
(Mohamed Azakir/Reuters)




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