The Aftermath of Shooting at Local Schools

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El Camino High, eight other public schools and several private schools were shut down for several hours yesterday as police searched for a gunman. An El Camino High policeman had been shot off campus by a man who still hasn't been captured.  He's described as white, in his late 40's, with a grayish pony tail, wearing a black jacket and jeans. The police officer was wearing body armor, and is resting at home. 

The shooting at Gardena High is a case of a different order. A student brought a gun into a classroom, and it went off when he put his backpack down on a desk. One student was shot in the neck and yet another in the head. One remains in critical condition.


Andrew Blankstein - NBC Investigations - @‏anblanx, Tamar Galatzan - LAUSD Board of Education, Debra Reid - Parent of a Gardena High School student, Don Dear - former Mayor of Gardena, Connie Alvarez - Communications Director

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