LA's Transportation Masterplan and a Tale of Two Neighborhoods

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Mobility 2035 is designed to get drivers out of their cars and into buses and public transit, not to mention making way for commuters on bicycles. It would mean very disruptive changes on hundreds of miles of streets now devoted to automobiles. KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez found very different reactions in two different neighborhoods.

Estuadro Mazariegos and Malcom Harris of TRUST South LA, an advocacy group in support of Mobility 2035.
They say bicycles are an essential way that people get around South LA,
but because the community lacks bicycle lanes, cycling can be deadly.

Anne-Marie Johnson and Jerome Courshon, Silver Lake residents who are opposed to Mobility 2035 plan.
They argue a test version of the plan on Rowena Avenue in their neighborhood has been a disaster,
only increasing traffic while not making the avenue any safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Senior city planner Claire Bowin is a co-author of the Mobility 2035 plan.

Westwood resident Laura Lake is a co-founder of Fix the City, a community group suing the city over the Mobility 2035 plan.

Looking south down Vermont Avenue, one of the LA's thoroughfares that would be affected by Mobility 2035.

Photos by Saul Gonzalez




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