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Paris Correspondent, Financial Times


Paris Correspondent for the Financial Times

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Women who wear the on Islamic face veil are a challenge to the republic of France.

France Moves Closer to Curb on Burkas, Stops Short of Full Ban

Women who wear the on Islamic face veil are a challenge to the republic of France.

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Scientific evidence shows that wearing a mask can protect both the wearer and the community around them from COVID-19.

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After killings and other violence recorded on camera, Black Lives Matter supporters are demanding police reform.

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Statues of slave traders and Confederate leaders are being toppled or defaced during protests following the killing of George Floyd.

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As coronavirus cases continue to rise in Southern California, there’s no telling when live music performances will come back.

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Dominique Fung’s paintings unpack her understanding of her own cultural identity. Paul Sepuya’s photographs bring emotions to disembodied digital communication.

Josh Barro and Ken White talk about the government’s effort to stop publication of John Bolton’s book.

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The LA City Council voted Wednesday to   slash $150 million   from the Los Angeles Police Department’s budget.

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The funeral for Robert Fuller was today at a church in Palmdale. Fuller was found hanging from a tree across the street from Palmdale City Hall on June 10.

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Today the FBI arrested LA City Councilman Jose Huizar. Huizar chaired the powerful Planning and Land Use Committee. In a press conference today, U.S.

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