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Frazier Moore

Host of Watching Television

Among Frazier Moore's earliest memories is watching "Ding Dong School," one of the first TV shows for children, and sitting too close to the screen. Moore now covers TV for The Associated Press, reviewing  programs, profiling performers as well as behind-the-scenes figures, and analyzing the medium. In between, he attended the University of Georgia, graduating with a bachelors degree in journalism. He was a feature writer for The Fort Myers (Fla.) News-Press and The Atlanta  Journal-Constitution, often writing about TV. He also freelanced for  publications including TV Guide, Spy, Connoisseur and Interview. He has  been a Manhattan-based television writer for the AP since 1992. Despite  his ongoing concerns about TV, he is happy to report that watching lots of it, even too close, hasn't ruined his eyes.

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