Gary Phillips


Former community activist and director of the MultiCultural Collaborative; crime novelist whose first book was Violent Spring, set in the aftermath of the 1992 riots

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Wilshire Vista: Eat great food while your car gets fixed


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(L-R) Warren Olney, Gary Phillips, Anna Deavere Smith and John Singleton

From Gangsta Rap to Bwy Theater: Cultural Touchstones of the LA Riots

(L-R) Warren Olney, Gary Phillips, Anna Deavere Smith and John Singleton

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KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis visits a giant car shredder between the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach on the aptly named Terminal Island.

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A bill in Sacramento called SB50 would override local zoning rules to legalize small and mid-size apartment buildings around public transit and job centers.

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The shooting at a synagogue in San Diego County has led places of worship to lock doors, hire guards and install metal detectors.

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Cinco de Mayo is around the corner, so we’re looking at the sometimes complicated history of Mexican food in LA.

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While a dispute between China and the US means tariffs and perhaps fewer imports, there’s another potential jobs killer at the Port of LA: automation.

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Elise Pearlstein has dedicated her life to non-fiction film, first as award-winning producer, and since 2013, as SVP of Documentary at Participant Media.

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Presidential candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris stopped in Los Angeles on Sunday to speak at Southwest College in South LA.

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The last LA pro team to win a championship is the LA Sparks. So why can't the WNBA team get more people to come to their games, more sponsors, and media coverage?

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This week, you can: learn about the trans-media career of a pioneering digital designer; appreciate keshiki in Japanese ceramics; track down wildlife in Los Angeles; discuss…