Loren Dejonge Schulman

Center for a New American Security


Loren Dejonge Schulman is deputy director of studies and the Leon Panetta Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security. She formerly served as senior advisor to National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

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Trump says he was elected to serve Pittsburgh, not Paris.

President Trump: US to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord

Trump says he was elected to serve Pittsburgh, not Paris.

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Major League Baseball announced on Friday that it would move this year’s All-Star game and baseball draft out of Georgia.

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In the aftermath of the Atlanta shootings of six Asian women, some AAPI Angelenos are fearing their parents’ safety.

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Colorado has a long history of high-profile mass shootings: King Soopers grocery store in Boulder on Monday, Columbine High School in 1999, the Aurora movie theater in 2012.

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Forget about that whole American Revolution thing. Zocalo commentator Joe Mathews says California could benefit from a monarchy.

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President Biden will host the first press conference of his presidency later this morning.

KCRW’s Warren Olney talks with Ben Ehrenreich about his recent New Republic article titled “We’re Hurtling Toward Global Suicide.”

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