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Today at 12:15 PM, Pete Buttigieg is participating in a town hall at USC Bovard Auditorium. He also has an evening fundraiser for his campaign.

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Elbow's latest album Giants of All Sizes expresses their feelings of mourning and loss both personal and national.

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Agnes Obel's music has captivated our attention since the release of her debut album in 2010.

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A discovery readers have been waiting for, more Silvina Ocampo finally translated into English:  The Promise and Forgotten Journey.

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Dan Bejar aka Destroyer gave band mate John Collins a simple missive when producing his latest album, he said: "make it sound cool."

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Kiwi indie-pop force Yumi Zouma wrote "Cool For A Second" and almost scrapped it entirely.

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The president calls himself a “very stable genius,” and stories from a new book by that name are already part of Trump lore. He was confused about Pearl Harbor.

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A certain kind of coffee cake is served across all LAUSD schools. The original recipe is from 1954.

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I talk about the newest venture in Hollywood and how people like to say, Never Gonna Work about things that, you know, really could work.

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