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Thomas Wright is director of the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution and a fellow in its Project on International Order and Strategy. He is author of  All Measures Short of War; The Contest for the 21st Century and the Future of American Power.

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President Trump delivered today's commencement speech to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

Two Oval Office conversations: One big mess for the White House

President Trump delivered today's commencement speech to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

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Governor Newsom’s focus on the negative during the recall campaign was a missed opportunity for California unification, suggests Joe Mathews.

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Leafly Senior Editor David Downs talks about how Newsom has dealt with the burgeoning cannabis market, and whether pot will have a role to play when he’ll likely be on the 2022 ballot.

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The LA City Council has passed a motion that aims to curb street racing.

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Secretary of State Shirley Weber said the total cost of the special election could exceed $300 million.

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Josh Barro, Tim Carney and David Dayen discuss President Biden’s vaccine mandates, early cuts and bargaining chips in the Democrats’ spending bill, and America’s post-Trump…

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While rumors are rampant about stolen ballots and suspicious holes in voting envelopes, state and local officials say they have put measures in place to keep elections secure.

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In a 90-minute interview, John Cox discussed COVID-19 “hysteria,” homelessness and other key California issues as he seeks traction in the Newsom recall election.

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In this week’s installment of Scheer Intelligence, host Robert Scheer hears from Kiriakou the inside story of how the the program started as part of a cynical power struggle between…

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In the California recall election, Gov. Gavin Newsom crushed the opposition 64 to 36, though votes are still being counted as of noon on Wednesday.

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