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Will the World Cup Polish or Tarnish the 'Brand' of Brazil?

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Mayor Eric Garcetti’s so-called “justice budget” for the next fiscal year includes nearly $1 billion to fight homelessness.

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About 10,000 units of affordable housing in LA County are likely to flip to market-rate in the next five to 10 years.

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The federal government decided this morning to pause Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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KCRW’s Warren Olney talks with Ben Ehrenreich about his recent New Republic article titled “We’re Hurtling Toward Global Suicide.”

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The Derek Chauvin verdict: The former police officer charged with killing George Floyd faces three counts: second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree…

Josh Barro and Ken White discuss the fall out of former acting U.S. attorney’s interview on 60 Minutes, an embarrassing brief for Sidney Powell, and more.

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President Biden will host the first press conference of his presidency later this morning.

Josh Barro talks with panelists Jamelle Bouie and Lanhee Chen about the decision to halt distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the tug of war over corporate tax rate, Russia…

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Today, a jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts in the trial of the death of George Floyd.

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