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Will the World Cup Polish or Tarnish the 'Brand' of Brazil?

Fast-paced national/international news and issues program, from KCRW.

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Josh Barro and Ken White discuss the unusual indictment of Michael Sussman and the unusual memo from Trump lawyer John Eastman about Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

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The LA City Council has passed a motion that aims to curb street racing.

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At the United Nations, President Biden is trying to make the case that “America is back.” But the world may be skeptical, given the U.S.’

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Documentary filmmaker Judith Ehrlich joins Robert Scheer on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence” to discuss “The Boys Who Said No,” a documentary about the Vietnam War draft resisters.

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Josh, David and Tim discuss the pay-fors of Democrats’ big spending plans, a looming government shutdown, the debate about booster shots, and California’s failed recall election.

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Joseph Weisberg, a former CIA officer and the creator of the TV show “The Americans,” joins Robert Scheer to examine common misconceptions about the Cold War.

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Columnist Joe Mathews says two 1848 events — California’s Gold Rush and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo — re-founded the United States with different peoples, borders, and aspirations.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti debuted the city’s Indigenous LAnd Initiative today in recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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After initial returns showed the recall failing by a nearly 70% to 30% margin, the Associated Press and TV networks called the race for Newsom.

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