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David Wolfe
Pyschologist and Professor of Political Science at University of Toronto, specializing in adolescent psychology 
Ellie Wolfe
Emergency Coordinator of Community and Senior Services for Los Angeles County
George C. Wolfe
playwright and director of theater and film.
George Wolfe
President of LA River Expeditions and Editor of the satirical website, La La Times
Jennifer Wolfe
Jennifer Wolfe is a Peabody award winning journalist and passionate storyteller. She has an innate curiosity about people and the world around her.
Karen Wolfe
Publicist at Karen Wolfe PR , based in Venice, California
Sidney Wolfe
Director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group
Tom Wolfe
American novelist and journalist
Justin Wolfers
Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan
Edward Wolff
Professor of Economics at New York University and an expert on income distribution
Michael Wolff
Columnist for Vanity Fair and a two-time winner of the National Magazine Award , he writes about media, culture and politics; author of The Man Who Owns the News : Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch
Rachel Wolff
Spokeswoman for World Vision , a Christian humanitarian aid organization
Tobias B. Wolff
Professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania who was Barack Obama’s top campaign adviser on gay rights
Tobias Wolff
American novelist and professor of English at Stanford University
Richard Wolffe
Correspondent for MSNBC and author of Revival : The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House
Jon Wolfsthal
Deputy Director of the Center for Nonproliferation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and co-author of Deadly Arsenals : Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Threats; former Special Advisor to Vice President Joe Biden for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation; former Director for Nonproliferation on the National Security Council
Leo Wolinsky
Founder member of The Journalism Shop, a web-based collective of former Los Angeles Times reporters to promote the skills and abilities of people looking for freelance work
Meg Wolitzer
Lesley Wolk
Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Long Island University
Dan Wolken
College Sports Reporter for USA Today
Michael Wollaeger
Editor-in-chief of Western Interiors magazine
Tom Wollenman
Third-generation citrus grower and manager of LaBue Citrus in Lindsay, California
Adam Wollner
Political correspondent covering the presidential election for National Journal
David Wolpe
Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Westwood
Albert Wolsky
Costume designer of Birdman
Adrienna Wong
attorney for the ACLU, representing Guadalupe Plascencia
Alia Wong
Associate editor of the Education section at the Atlantic
Cynthia Wong
Fellow and staff attorney at the Center for Democracy and Technology
Edward Wong
Asia Correspondent for the New York Times
Felicia Wong
President and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, a liberal economic think tank
Julia Carrie Wong
Staff writer for the SF Weekly
Kristina Wong
Defense reporter for The Hill
Lenny Wong
Research Professor of Military Strategy at the US Army War College; 20-year veteran of the US Army , in positions including teaching leadership at West Point , serving as an analyst in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army , and also in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
Marleen Wong
Director of LAUSD’s Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services
Scott Wong
Senior reporter for The Hill; former congressional reporter for Politico
Steve Wong
Curator at the Chinese American Museum  based in Los Angeles, California
Charles Woo
CEO of Megatoys , a toy wholesaler and manufacturer  based in downtown Los Angeles' Toy District; past chair of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Michael Woo
Member of the Parks Forward Commission and dean of the College of Environmental Design at Cal Poly Pomona; formerly the chair of the Board of Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles, the nonprofit organization that runs the Hollywood Farmers' Market, and Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Southern California; former LA City Councilman for the 13th District and former member of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission
Diane Wood Middlebrook
American biographer, poet and critic (1939-2007)
Andrew Wood
Associate fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Program at Chatham House, a London based think-tank; former British Ambassador to Moscow (1995-2000)
David Wood
National security correspondent for PoliticsDaily.com; former national security correspondent for the Baltimore Sun
Graeme Wood
Contributing editor to the Atlantic Magazine and The New Republic
James Wood
Novelist, essayist and literary critic; staff writer at the New Yorker
Jim Wood
President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust
Josh Wood
Beirut-based freelance journalist covering Lebanon and Syria for Al Jazeera America and Global Post
Ken Wood
Senior Advisor for Products, Marketing and Health Plan Relationships for Covered California , the organization that is responsible for the state's health insurance exchanges
Mary Wood
Music composer and owner of Frisbie NYC, a music production firm based in New York
Peter Wood
President of the National Association of Scholars; anthropologist and former professor at Boston University
Simon Wood
Production designer of Team Bondi , a video game developer based in Sydney, Australia
Susan Wood
Former Assistant Commissioner for Women's Health at the FDA
Thomas Wood
Professor of political science at Ohio State University
Tracy Wood
Senior writer with the Voice of OC, an online news website
Charlayne Woodard
Actor and playwright, and member of Actors' Equity
Colin Woodard
Contributing Editor to Politico
J. David Woodard
Professor of Political Science at Clemson University in South Carolina and Director of its Palmetto Poll, a statewide poll; author of The New Southern Politics ; former Republican consultant to national candidates from the South, including Senators Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint
John Woodard
City councilman in Adelanto, California
Jeanne Woodford
Former director of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and former warden at San Quentin Prison , which houses the State's Death Row; Executive Director of Death Penalty Focus, a group that advocates against the death penalty
Leighton Akio Woodhouse
Freelance journalist.
Thomas Woodrow
Independent film producer who’s experimenting with alternate forms of distribution for his latest film, Bass Ackwards
Betsy Woodruff
Political reporter for the Daily Beast; former staff writer for Slate
Judy Woodruff
Journalist, writer and television new anchor for the PBS NewsHour
Nancy Woodruff
Land Use Chair for the  Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Council in Lakeview Terrace.
Sáša Woodruff
Associate Producer for To the Point
Tracey Woodruff
Professor at the University of California at San Francisco; former senior scientist and policy advisor at the EPA under the Clinton and Bush Administrations
Christopher Woods
Investigative reporter and author of 'Sudden Justice: America's Secret Drone Wars'
Emira Woods
Co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington
Jacqueline Woodson
American writer of books for children and adolescents
Ron Woodson
Principal of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design and co-author of 'High Style'
Bill Woodward
Director of Training for the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Katie Woodworth
Senior Researcher for SRI International
Todd Woody
Environmental journalist who writes regularly for the New York Times and many other publications
Adrian Wooldridge
Management editor, and former Washington Bureau Chief, for the Economist, he writes the 'Schumpeter' column; co-author of 'God Is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith Is Changing the World'
Aaron Woolf
Producer and director of King Corn , a documentary film critiquing our dependence on corn
Richard Woolfe
Senior White House Correspondent, Newsweek
Stephanie Woolhandler
Professor at the School of Public Health at City of New York University's Hunter College; primary-care internist and co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program; former Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
Oliver Woolley
Pig breeder
Suzanne Woolley
Personal finance writer for Bloomberg News
Jamie Woon
British singer, songwriter and producer
Rachael Worby
Music Director of the Pasadena Pops; conductor and music director for opera star Jessye Norman
Amy Worden
Staff writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer , the covering the State Capital
Minky Worden
Director of Global Initiatives for Human Rights Watch and author of China's Great Leap: The Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights
Dave Workman
Senior editor at Gun Week , a newspaper published by the Second Amendment Foundation
Justin Worland
Energy and environmental reporter for TIME
Robert Worth
Author of 'A Rage for Order: the Middle East in Turmoil from Tahrir Square to ISIS;' former Beirut Bureau Chief for the New York Times
Joanna Worthington
Uninsured massage therapist in Tempe, Arizona
Mark Worthington
Production designer with Worlwide Production Agency
Michael Worthington
Professor of graphic design at California Institute of the Arts
Susan Wortman Jutt
Mother of a 10-year old boy, who was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at age 7 and is now on medication; speech language pathologist at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
John Wray
Abi Wright
Communications Director for the Committee to Protect Journalists
Anthony Wright
Executive Director of Health Access California, a statewide healthcare, consumer-advocacy coalition
Barnett Wright
Senior reporter with the Birmingham News
Belinda Wright
Executive Director of the Wildlife Protection Society of India
Branson Wright
Sports reporter with the Cleveland Plain Dealer where he writes for the Starting Blocks blog. He also co-hosts The Sports Brothers on 1540am in Cleveland.
David Wright
ABC News correspondent David Wright has traveled the world as a foreign correspondent, covering major news events in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, India and Asia for “World News,” “Nightline” and “Good Morning America.”
Edgar Wright
English film and television director and writer
Gillian Wright
Vice president of customer services for the Southern California Gas Company
Jason Wright
Associate professor of astronomy at Pennsylvania State University, whose primary research is in extra solar planets and sun-like stars
Kai Wright
Editorial Director of Colorlines.com; senior writer for TheRoot.com
Lawrence Wright
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and screenwriter, and staff writer for the New Yorker; author of "The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11,” has been made into a TV miniseries now available on Hulu. His new book “God Save Texas: A Journey Into the Soul of the Lone Star State,” is due out this month. Former fellow at the Center on Law and Security at New York University

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