Sounds Eclectic: The Next One

KCRW Sounds Eclectic: The Next One

Various Artists

Bands like The Shins and Spoon were indies when they had their first KCRW airplay and have graduated to mainstream status. The Swell Season swept up an Oscar against all odds. UK duo the Tings Tings are on the verge of becoming stars stateside. All of these bands represent what KCRW is all about – giving talented artists a place to have their music heard and offering listeners music that can’t be found anywhere else. Produced by KCRW Music Director Nic Harcourt and Morning Becomes Eclectic producer Ariana Morgenstern, Sounds Eclectic: The Next One is by far the most upbeat and rockin’ collection of songs the station has put together. The compilation features twelve tracks performed during the acclaimed show Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Audio CD
Release Date:
March, 2007
Label: Hear Music

About Sounds Eclectic: The Next One

This CD captures artists we have championed early on in their careers who have seen great success, as well as bands we think are poised to break in a big way. KCRW is in a unique position to spotlight these artists, starting with their first, often homemade, demos and throughout their career.
- Nic Harcourt, KCRW Music Director

The album begins with one of the unquestionable breakout artists of 2007 – The Swell Season. Their song “Falling Slowly,” from the movie “Once,” earned them an Academy Award and their live set at KCRW was such a success, they ended up using material from it on their bonus CD and DVD. Next, Australian collective Architecture in Helsinki creates a circus of musical activity in the best kind of way with “Heart it Races.” The Shins headlined last year’s KCRW benefit concert A Sounds Eclectic Evening and here, they are at their high-energy best with “Australia.” The rollicking rock of UK artist Stoney follows, with a track from his session taped during the SXSW Music Conference. Local L.A. artists Sea Wolf, Great Northern, and Oliver Future now have national recognition and here are tracks from their Morning Becomes Eclectic debuts. Spoon’s live version of one of their standout songs, “I Summon You,” tugs on the heart strings with simple guitars, a steady beat, and a twinkle of keys. Two female-led bands who have been making waves are next with the hauntingly beautiful “What’s a Girl to Do” by Bat for Lashes and the Ting Tings “Fruit Machine.” Goldspot’s sparkling melodic pop is displayed here in “Time Bomb” and the Orange Lights close the album with a reaffirming message – “Life is Still Beautiful.”

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