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EpisodeDemocrats to target OC GOP Congress seats in 2018
Can Orange County finally, irrevocably turn blue?
EpisodeDemocrats still split after California convention
California Democrats have a new leader of the state party. But progressives are not ready to concede yet.
Episode Troff documentLatest Monday Broadcast
The latest Monday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeFighting for the soul of the California Democratic Party
Over the weekend, Eric Bauman was elected as the new chair of the California Democratic Party. But his main opponent, progressive Kimberly Ellis has not conceded. It was a raucous weekend with Bernie Sanders supporters saying the party is not listening to their concerns.
Episode D source codeTrump's 'America First' goes missing abroad
In the Middle East, President Trump is changing some policies of the Obama Administration—and reversing his own campaign attacks on Islam as a religion that "hates us." We hear about his visit to Saudi Arabia and what's at stake for the rest of his foreign excursion.
EpisodeEpisodio 5
Luna sueña con ser actriz y vive en un apartamento vacio en Los Angeles. Esta le ofrece a Sol una nueva perspectiva sobre la vida de Arturo. Lo pillas?
EpisodeEpisode 5
Luna is a wanna-be actress who lives in an empty apartment in Los Angeles. She offers Sol a whole new picture on Arturo's life. Get it?
EpisodePoverty as a risk factor for illness
The poor are stuck and need help getting out...
Episode'American Gods' showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green
The novel American Gods features countless mythological characters gearing up to fight an epic battle. The writer-producers of the new adaptation on Starz were determined to do justice to the book -- even if that meant constantly moving production and pushing the budget. Showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller tell us why they're not worried about critics who say the show is confusing, and go into the thinking behind an especially memorable, explicit sex scene.
Episode chemical/x-pdbGangsta gardener, a donut dough-bate, 'The Last Magnificent'
Artist and community activist Ron Finley discusses how he’s changing South LA, one garden at a time. Chef Jeremiah Tower talks about starring in “The Last Magnificent,” a new documentary about his role as one of the defining figures in the early days of California cuisine. Plus: Laura Avery stuffs her “Good Food” tote full of green garlic, while Evan and The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman get into a heated dough-bate about donuts.
Episode Troff documentAlien: Covenant
The action sequences of Alien: Covenant give satisfaction, and the supersmart, superambitious android element provides ample food for thought and plenty of cause for worry, given what machine-learning already is and soon it soon will be.
Episode Troff documentLatest Friday Broadcast
The latest Friday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode Troff documentThe week that wouldn't quit
Will next week get even weirder? (Special one-hour episode)
EpisodeWho will lead California's Democratic Party?
It’s been a hectic week in politics. There’s been talk of impeachment, Watergate, and Mike Pence’s political action committee. Also, the California Democratic Party is having its convention in Sacramento this weekend, where they’ll talk strategy and pick a new leader.
EpisodeThe free-flowing leaks in the Trump White House
President Obama tried to clamp down on leakers, but the Trump Administration is besieged almost as never before. Are the "anonymous sources" partisans or worried professionals? Are they endangering the republic or performing a public service?
EpisodeLaura Poitras: A filmmaker who takes risks
The Oscar-winning documentarian discusses her new film Risk, about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
EpisodeCharters win big in LAUSD Election - will they deliver?
For the first time in its history, the school board over at LAUSD will have a pro-charter majority. LAUSD President Steve Zimmer lost his seat to Nick Melvoin, in a race that’s been called one of the most expensive school board election ever in the U-S. Melvoin benefited from millions of dollars in outside spending by pro-charter groups. Will he be able to deliver on their priorities?
Episode Octet StreamLászló Moholy-Nagy at LACMA
Hunter Drohojowska-Philp talks about the Hungarian modernist’s impact, especially on art in LA.
EpisodeAt the TV upfronts, what's old is new again
It's that time of year where all the broadcast networks gather in New York City to present their new fall lineups to advertisers. This year includes a Will & Grace reboot at NBC and a Roseanne reunion at ABC.
Episode Troff documentLatest Thursday Broadcast
The latest Thursday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode Troff documentBrad Gooch: Rumi's Secret
Biographer Brad Gooch reveals that he traveled 2500 miles to trace Rumi's footsteps, learned Persian and spent eight years to write Rumi's Secret: The Life of the Sufi Poet of Love.
Episode C headerWill an independent counsel be enough?
Former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to oversee the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian meddling. Democrats and Republicans were happy about the appointment, but President Trump called it the “single greatest witch hunt” of a president in American history. Congress could form an independent commission, but Republicans oppose the move.
Episode Pascal source codeWill the GOP weather the storm with Trump or jump ship?
Breitbart news claims that the GOP "establishment" has it's knives out" for President Trump, but Republicans in Congress are mostly supportive… at least in public. We look at whether that's likely to last.
Episode Troff documentLatest Wednesday Broadcast
The latest Wednesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode D source codeGina Prince & Reggie "Rock" Bythewood: Shots Fired
Directors Gina Prince and Reggie “Rock” Bythewood join Elvis Mitchell to discuss examining US police activity and corruption from all angles in Shots Fired.
EpisodeHow will 'Comey memo' affect GOP's future?
The latest piece of bad news for President Trump is the reported existence of a memo that fired FBI Director James Comey wrote. The memo describes President Trump asking Comey to drop the FBI investigation into former NSA advisor Mike Flynn.
Episode ECMAScript programConcern deepens amid Trump's controversies
President Trump delivered today's commencement speech to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. As he praised the accomplishments of the graduates, he listed some of his own… and made reference to reports that he leaked intelligence to the Russians and tried to shut down an FBI Investigation into his associates.
Episode Troff documentLatest Tuesday Broadcast
The latest Tuesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeBorder wall builders, private art museums, Stamen Design
An LA city councilman wants companies who want to do business with LA to disclose if they're also working on the US-Mexico border wall. Forget old-school bar graphs and pie charts -- depicting data has become an art form. And another private art museum opens soon in Los Angeles, but this one takes you into the fascinating world of freemasonry.
Episode Octet StreamWhat's at stake for US-international relations after intel leak to Russia?
News broke Monday that President Trump divulged classified information to Russian officials. Israel was reportedly the source of this information. We assess the fallout.

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