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EpisodeWorking when sick
Perhaps it is time for a change in the culture of medicine – if not for doctors then for the sake of patients.
EpisodeKitchen Creativity, Deb Perelman, and the myth of 'easy cooking'
We’re looking inside the modern home kitchen. Cookbook authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg are unleashing creativity. Deb Perelman looks back on Smitten Kitchen and talks everyday meals. Amy Trubek says home cooking has come a long way. And food historian Rachel Laudan explains why ‘easy cooking’ is far from it. Finally, there’s puntarelle at the market and Jonathan Gold finds superlative dim sum.
Episode D source codeJonathan Gold dines at Longo Seafood in Rosemead
Jonathan Gold heads to Rosemead for a dim sum feast of memorable pork buns at Longo Seafood… oh, and the namesake seafood dishes too.
Episode Troff documentLatest Friday Broadcast
The latest Friday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeAnother school shooting, and no immigration deal
Hopes dim for a DACA fix and infrastructure deal.
EpisodeSome undocumented immigrants consider self-deportation
The Senate voted on four immigration bills this week, but all failed. We get reaction from an El Segundo-based woman who used to be a DACA recipient, but got a green card a few years ago. Her cousins are DACA recipients, and her brother and parents are undocumented. She says her parents are considering self-deporting.
EpisodeDustin Lance Black: From Milk to Marriage Equality
The Academy Award winning writer speaks about making the film Milk and his subsequent activism.
EpisodeWhen the "American Dream" has an expiration date
The Senate has left hundreds of thousands of "Dreamer" immigrants in limbo, rejecting rival plans that would have spared them from deportation and strengthened the nation's border security. This coincides with some new, aggressive ICE raids in the Los Angeles area.
Episode x-conference/x-cooltalkRobert Irwin, Twice
Hunter Drohojowska-Philp talks about the importance of being Irwin.
EpisodeBlack Panther poised to smash box office records
Going into opening weekend, we're already hearing the thunder of Marvel's newest movie 'Black Panther.' The film will almost certainly break the box office record for February film and has the highest ticket pre-sales of everything except the 'Star Wars' movies.
Episode Troff documentLatest Thursday Broadcast
The latest Thursday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeVíctor Terán and David Shook: Like A New Sun: New Indigenous Mexican Poetry
Víctor Terán and David Shook discuss the music of Isthmus Zapotec and poetry translated for Like A New Sun.
EpisodeThe Winter Games and Korean detente
Americans have a lot to learn about North Korea. The conversation shouldn’t be only about nuclear weapons or handshakes.
Episode Octet StreamWhat we know about the mass school shooting in Florida
On Wednesday, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz fatally shot 17 people at Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida. The Anti-Defamation League says he was affiliated with a white supremacist group. We learn about this group, hear what politicians have to say about the incident, and remember those who’ve died at school shootings since Sandy Hook.
EpisodeBuilding a new river city
Cooperation between neighboring cities and counties has not been a hallmark of development in California. But what if it was?
EpisodeTwo Businesses
On today’s Martini Shot I give some important and useful advice to one of the richest and smartest people in the world, a true business visionary, and I’m not even humble about it.
Episode Troff documentLatest Wednesday Broadcast
The latest Wednesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeJack Viertel: The Secret Life of The American Musical
Theatrical producer Jack Vertiel talks history and influence of theatre in his book, “The Secret Life of The American Musical”.
Episode chemical/x-pdbHBM092: Carry the Scent
Robert Larson searches for missing people with his dog Captain Dexter as a K9 search and rescue volunteer. He’s not certified to do this work by any professional agency. He says that he has to work alone to do his best work, outside of the red tape of official search and rescue teams and law enforcement agencies.
EpisodeCalifornia DACA recipient fights for permanent fix
This week, the Senate is debating and voting on an immigration bill -- or bills. We talk about what might come out of it. We also get a personal story of one DACA recipient, who quit her job and spent her savings to travel to Washington DC to advocate for a permanent DACA fix.
EpisodeHomeless fight eviction near Santa Ana River
Citing concerns about flooding and squalid conditions in the camps, authorities began an effort last month to evict people from the riverfront and start dismantling the camp sites. But the evictions were stopped last week after U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter issued a temporary halt to the evictions, citing the haphazard and hurried nature of the process.
EpisodeUnFictional returns!
The new season of UnFictional is right around the corner. Unbelievably true stories of chance encounters that changed everything. A pair of mail-order shoes that led to “The Outsiders.” A secret road to a California paradise. The day Los Angeles and smog first met. Stories that will stick in your head like a memory. Coming on February 22nd, hosted by Bob Carlson.
EpisodeWow! Obama’s and art as front page news
Edward talks about the front-page-news-worthy unveiling of Barack and Michelle Obamas’ portraits at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.
Episode D source codeThe search for the next chief of the LAPD
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he will retire this summer and the city - and the department - are looking for his replacement. Who will it be? And how much input will you have?
Episode Troff documentLatest Tuesday Broadcast
The latest Tuesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
EpisodeBridges and Walls: High Speed Rail
California’s biggest infrastructure project is a high-speed rail network that would connect San Francisco, the Central Valley and Los Angeles. It promises to bridge communities cut off by California’s difficult geography. And yet push-back is strong from farmers who see the train as driving a wall through their land. But despite criticism and widespread negative press, parts of the route are being built in Fresno...
EpisodeHow common is domestic abuse?
White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned last week after his two ex-wives and a former girlfriend accused him of physical and emotional abuse. Domestic violence affects women across the board. We talk with a wealthy, Harvard-educated woman who was married to an abusive man.
EpisodeNBC's Jennifer Salke will run Amazon Studios
Salke will fill the vacancy left by the ousted Roy Price. She'll oversee both television and film as the studio attempts to do a reset.
EpisodeReducing marijuana convictions under Prop. 64
Proposition 64 is best known for allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in California. Less known is a provision that also lets people who’ve been convicted of pot-related crimes get felonies reduced to misdemeanors and get old criminal records cleared. Since the law passed, very few have actually cleared their records. Now Los Angeles County is trying to do something to change that.
Episode D source codeHomeless sue OC for the right to live by The Santa Ana riverbed
Federal judge to decide whether county can ban people from living on the Santa Ana River trail.

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