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Over the weekend, Israeli airstrikes hit military targets near Damascus, allegedly to prevent weapons from being shipped to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Why now? Will the ease with which Israel penetrated Syrian defenses put more pressure on President Obama to intervene? Also, as implementation of Obamacare gets under way, many Americans are confused — and for good reason.

Banner image: Israeli soldiers stand near signs pointing out distances to different cities at an observation point on Mount Bental in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights May 5, 2013. Photo by Baz Ratner/ Reuters

Anna Scott
Sonya Geis
Evan George

Making News Israeli Strike on Syria Puts Pressure on US 23 MIN, 24 SEC

Twice during the past few days, Israel reportedly struck military installations near Damascus, the capital of Syria. The ostensible reason was evidence that Syria was transferring weapons to Hezbollah, Israel's enemy located in Lebanon. Israel has not confirmed or denied the airstrikes. Last week, President Obama promised continued humanitarian and non-lethal aid to the Syrian opposition "get Assad out of power" and "move to a peaceful transition." Will the ease with which Israel penetrated Syrian defenses put more pressure on Obama to intervene?

Anne Barnard, New York Times (@ABarnardNYT)
Joel Greenberg, freelance reporter
Aram Nerguizian, Center for Strategic and International Studies (@AramNerguizian)
Karen DeYoung, Washington Post (@karendeyoung1)

Main Topic What Will Obamacare Mean for You? 27 MIN, 19 SEC

Open enrollment for Affordable Care Act begins in just six months, but many Americans who might benefit don't even know it. Many others are confused — and for good reason. A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that forty-two percent don't know it's the law; large numbers believe it has been repealed by the US Supreme Court or the Congress. President Obama says the 85 percent who already have health insurance won't be affected, but last week he conceded the roll-out might not be so smooth. What's being done to prevent a possible "train wreck" as Obamacare rolls out? What questions are being asked? What's being done to provide at least some answers before enrollment begins. We talk to the woman in charge of telling consumers what they need to know.

Louise Radnofsky, Wall Street Journal (@louiseradnofsky)
Anne Filipic, Enroll America (@AnneFilipic)
Nancy Metcalf, Consumer Reports (@NancyMetcalf)


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