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Bush Threatens to Veto Iraq Spending Bill; Viacom Sues YouTube

Congress may be away for spring recess, but conflict with President Bush is on the rise.  Troop-withdrawal deadlines from Capitol Hill meet veto threats from the White House.  It’s a showdown over funding troops in Iraq. Also today, Viacom sues YouTube for a billion dollars.  Can innovation be protected as the law tries to catch up with technological change?

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The Escalating Conflict between the White House and Congress ()

Congress left Washington for its spring recess without reconciling House and Senate differences over money for troops in Iraq. President Bush today demanded that they get on with it, so he can make good on his veto threat and get the kind of support he wants for troops in the field. What would a prolonged disagreement mean for the troops? We hear about the politics—and the realities--of funding the war in Iraq from from.


Guest Interview

Viacom Sues YouTube ()

The Internet website YouTube is growing like mad. Last year's nine million monthly visitors skyrocketed to 133 million this year, and Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. Surveys show that 100 million video clips are viewed on YouTube every day and they're not all amateur home movies. Big-time producers want their pieces of YouTube's action.  Viacom -- which owns Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon --says Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and SpongeBob SquarePants have been appearing on YouTube for free.  So, Viacom has sued YouTube for a billion dollars in damages. Will innovation and creativity be delayed as the law catches up with technology?  We get perspective from attorneys, media analysts and former network execs.


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