As Israel Tilts More Right, Is a Showdown with Washington Looming?
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As Israel Tilts More Right, Is a Showdown with Washington Looming?


At a time of upheaval all over Middle East, Israel’s alliance with the United States is in trouble.

Making News

Hostage Crisis in Algeria as War Spreads in Mali ()

Algeria says it’s military has freed four of the many hostages being held at a massive natural gas facility on the desert border with Mali.  Others reportedly have escaped.  There’s no word on Americans involved, but Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the US is weighing a response to what he called an act of “terrorism.” 


Main Topic

Will Israel Move from the Right to the Far Right? ()

After next Tuesday’s parliamentary elections, Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to retain his job as Prime Minister.  But he could be leading a government very different from the one conceived by Israel’s founders.  They were secular Jews who were open to living next to a Palestinian state.  But religious nationalism is a growing force that could lead to historic change. Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear he supported Mitt Romney.  President Obama has signaled that Netanyahu doesn’t know what’s good for his country. Netanyahu’s expected to win next Tuesday’s elections but his coalition government may include people who no longer support a Palestinian state. Will Israel’s leaders once again turn their backs on international law?  What will that mean for US support—and for Israel’s relations with its Arab neighbors?


Reporter's Notebook

Grounding of Dreamliners Creates Nightmare for Boeing ()

Thanks to our guests. New technology makes Boeing’s new Dreamliner a groundbreaking airplane, but now it’s been grounded all over the world--before most copies have even been built. More on the consequences for a company that’s vital to America’s industrial power and international exports. Boeing says it’s “working around the clock” to restore faith in its most important new product.

  • George Ferguson: Senior Airlines Analyst at Bloomberg Industries, the industry research arm of Bloomberg.

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