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Has Time Run Out for King/Harbor Hospital?

The federal government is threatening to withdraw half the budget of LA County’s King/Harbor Hospital - formerly called King/Drew - because of the danger to patients. What would the closure of King/Harbor mean for health care countywide? On Reporter's Notebook, surviving on Food Stamps.

Reporter's Notebook

Congresswoman’s Lesson in Food Stamps and Poverty ()

Millions of Americans try to survive on the weekly allotment of Food Stamps which averages to $21 dollars worth of groceries weekly. To dramatize what that means, some members of Congress took what they called the Food Stamp Challenge.

  • Barbara Lee: Representative for California's Ninth Congressional District

Main Topic

King Harbor Hospital on Life Support ()

Closing down LA County’s King/Harbor hospital once seemed unthinkable. Yesterday, Los Angeles County Supervisors asked the health department to draw up contingency plans.  After years of substandard care and needless deaths, the federal government has threatened to withdraw their half of the budget. After pleas for delay and promises to retrain the staff, more than 40% of licensed vocational nurses failed to pass tests on their professional skills. The incident that best dramatizes conditions at King/Harbor is the videotaped death of a woman who writhed on the floor while hospital staff ignored her. Edith Isabel Rodriguez was buried yesterday in Tehachapi. 


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