Video Gaming at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo
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Video Gaming at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as "E-3," has invaded downtown LA once again, showcasing new games on competing platforms.  The public is not invited, but we'll hear how first-person combat may be challenged by games without violence and how Virtual-Reality goggles may finally have come of age. Also, a federal court ruling that could upend the culture of Hollywood: interns who've been working for free will now have to be paid.

On our rebroadcast of To the Point, the US Senate made history of a kind yesterday by agreeing to a full debate on immigration reform.  That hasn't happened in decades, despite a consensus that the current system is an ongoing disaster. The amendment process is already under way.  We hear about today's action and the obstacle course that lies ahead.

Making News

A Judge Sides with Unpaid Interns against Fox ()

Two interns, one with a Masters degree from Case Western Reserve University, worked for free on Black Swan for Fox Searchlight Pictures. A federal judge in New York ruled today that they should have been paid. Steven Greenhouse is covering the story for the New York Times.


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Gamers Gather in Downtown LA ()

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E-3, is crowding hotels and restaurants again in downtown Los Angeles. It's not open to the public, but electronic games are wildly popular and they’re big business.



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