Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance

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book.JPGJeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy chronicles high-tension expeditions into area X, a dangerous natural landscape where reality and unreality blur, orchestrated by a government agency called the Southern Reach. The books, Annihilation, Authority, and to-be-released Acceptance (FSG Originals) are more like a crumbled quartet, VanderMeer says, the fourth of which could have been named Ascendance: but in the process, the books ate into one another leaving no room for a fourth. We are excited to have KCRW Music Librarian (and Gothic aficionado) Eric J. Lawrence join in on the discussion.

Read an excerpt from Annihilation.

Banner image: (L-R) Eric J. Lawrence and Jeff VanderMeer in the KCRW Studios