A chef and an architect create Vespertine

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Eric Owen Moss has spent 30 years turning industrial buildings owned by equally maverick developer Frederick Smith in Culver City's Hayden Tract into a gallery of idiosyncratic buildings with names like Stealth, Beehive, Umbrella and Slash/Backslash.

One of them, named Waffle, caught the attention of whizzkid chef Jordan Kahn, who has dreamed up a dining experience to match the building he calls "an alien artifact that's been here for a billion years."

Chef Jordan Kahn (L) and architect Eric Owen Moss, creators of Vespertine
Photo by Avishay Artsy

Kahn has worked with Moss, as well perfumiers, composers and other artists to create a highly sensory, and exclusive, eating adventure called Vespertine.

DnA gets a preview of the restaurant, encountering what Kahn describes as "the most incredible banquettes and tables ever made in the history of restaurants" as well as many other delights in a highly creative collaboration between an architect and a chef.