AltaSea seeks to combine marine education, research and commerce

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The Wharf Plaza, an Education Pavilion, and a park
will be part of the Waterfront Promenade at AltaSea
Courtesy of Gensler

 AltaSea is a 35-acre campus being built on a century-old wharf at the Port of Los Angeles. The $150 million expansion brings together marine research and education, workforce development, tourism and commerce around issues of ocean-related food, energy and climate security.

Jenny Krusoe, executive director of AltaSea, points to a rendering
for the new Waterfront Promenade at AltaSea, designed by Gensler.
Photo by Avishay Artsy.

Nonprofit foundations and government sources, including the Port of Los Angeles and the Economic Development Administration, are funding AltaSea. It will be built in phases, eventually offering seawater laboratories, offices, a lecture hall, interpretive center and a wave tank.

The new waterfront promenade, aquaculture research center, and science hub is seen as a cornerstone of the waterfront redevelopment of San Pedro.