Market mangoes: Tasting the last weeks of summer

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Chef Phert Em of Khemla speaks with market correspondent Gillian Ferguson about her travels that inspired the Cambodian pop-up, including a riff on a dish which marries bahn ja’neuk, a rice and mung bean dessert, and a traditional mango sticky rice. Em is using mangoes from Wong Farms. Jason Chamberlain describes how his grandfather started the farm with 20 trees and has grown to 300 . Wong Farms is known for their Valencia Pride variety of mangoes, the creamy texture with little fiber in the meat and a thin seed. Chamberlain describes the pineapple-mango flavor and has tips for picking and cutting a mango.

Phert Em dresses her riff on mango sticky rice for a dessert at Khemla with white and black toasted sesame seeds. Photo courtesy of Khemla.