Baking with Dorie, grains, legumes, and Monsanto

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Dorie Greenspan says her One Big-Break Apart Chipper recipe will be recognized as a chocolate chip cookie, but is one giant shared dessert perfect for a party. Photo by Mark Weinberg.

It’s fall, so fire up the oven and get baking! Dorie Greenspan explores savory spins on classic sweet recipes. Former farmer and chef Abra Berens dives into grains, seeds, and legumes, with ideas on how to stretch a pot of boiled black beans into a whole week of meals. Professor Bartow Elmore spent a decade researching the troubling and jaw dropping history of Monsanto and the company’s impact on how America eats. Computer engineer, recipe developer, and blogger Amisha Dodhia Gurbani uses California ingredients to modernize traditional Indian recipes. At the farmer’s market, Valerie Gordon shops for the makings for her pumpkin pies.



Evan Kleiman