Celebrating Black excellence with a culinarian historian, chef, and pitmaster

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Leah Chase and her gumbo-inspired Chef Marcus Samuelsson. She held court in a brick building on Orleans Avenue in the Treme until her passing last June. Photo by Angie Mosier.

Good Food recognizes Black History Month by looking back on conversations with revered voices from the culinary world. Jessica B. Harris recounts her youth in New York City, rubbing elbows and cooking with James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison. Chef Marcus Samuelsson discusses the Black experience and the pillars of Black food in modern American cuisine. Dr. Howard Conyers is a rocket scientist at NASA, as well as a pitmaster. Using his experience in mechanical engineering, Dr. Conyers demonstrates his barbecue prowess in the PBS series, “Nourish.” Yemisi Aribisala reflects on Nigerian cuisine. Finally, Cook’s Country editor Toni Tipton-Martin discusses her book, “Jubilee,” and her desire to shift philosophies of food stories and family recipes. 



Evan Kleiman