Colombian cuisine, Gullah Geechee food, difficult fruit

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With grilled arepitas and tomato coriander jam, red bean soup with brisket dust, pork belly, sweet plantains, white rice and ají, Mariana Velàsquez curates a menu that pays homage to Medellín, Colombia. Her new cookbook is “Colombiana.” Photo by Gentl & Hyers.

Colombia, with its Carribean and Pacific coasts and Andres mountain ridges, has vast climates and Indigenous communities that influence its regional cuisines and flavors. This week, food stylist Mariana Velàsquez speaks about the essential, fresh ingredients of her homeland’s recipes and pays homage to the women who were the backbone of her childhood in the kitchen. Gullah Geechee farmer and chef Matt Raiford describes the seafood of the Georgia coast, including shrimp for breakfast. From parmesan versus Parmigiano Reggiano to crispy versus crunchy, Brette Warshaw answers “What’s the difference?” between some of the kitchen and grocery aisles most common headscratchers. Piemaker Kate Lebo embraces fruit and waxes poetic about its more difficult varieties. Eggplant makes its appearance at the farmer’s market. Finally, Bill Addison visits a Cameroonian restaurant in Boyle Heights.



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