Parenting in a diet culture, Sri Lankan cuisine, farmland water

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Sambols and mallungs are colorful condiments at a Sri Lankan meal, often enjoyed with a hopper — a fermented bread made from short grained rice and cooked in a wok. Photo by Ryan Wijayaratne.

Virginia Sole-Smith exposes society's anti-fat bias and the issues surrounding childhood obesity. Restaurateur Karan Gokani revels in his first tastes of Sri Lankan food and traditional hoppers made of fermented rice and coconut. Mark Arax looks at the future of water in California's Central Valley. At Chao Krung, Katy Noochlaor explains how her parents put familiar Chinese dishes on their menu to lure in customers before Thai food was popular. Finally, Bob Wiebe brings his short-lived plucots to market while chef Macklin Casnoff shops for his newly-opened Melrose cafe.