Visiting Mexico City cuisine in LA with Bill Esparza

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Food writer Bill Esparza knows his tacos. The most common taco in Mexico City (CDMX) is tacos a la plancha — pork chops, cesina (a beef jerky), steak, or chicken, cooked on a flattop and served with a tortilla, onions and cilantro with a side of beans and cactus salad. Local CDMX chain Tacos Don Manolito has opened their first U.S. location in Hollywood, where Esparza narrows down the menu and recommends the Campechano, which is a recipe of three meats (cecina, homemade chorizo, and chicharrón) and the Maja, a cheese-filled crust with a choice of meat. The U.S. operation also features a vegan Campechano.

Bill Esparza compiled a full list of Mexico City transplants in Los Angeles for Eater LA



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