Curry leaves, funeral halva, custard pies

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Valerie Confections makes this delectable key lime pie. Founder and chief baker Valerie Gordon will be one of the judges for KCRW's 2023 Pie Contest, on April 30 at UCLA. Photo courtesy of Valerie Confections

Culinary wunderkind Flynn McGarry's memoir demonstrates passion, discipline and maturity — and he's only 24. Zee Husain cultivates laksa leaves, huacatay, sambar cucumbers and kadipatta (curry leaf) plants. Halva, a popular sweet throughout Armenia, the Middle East and India, has a deeper significance for Liana Aghajanian. Caleigh Wells breaks down everything you need to know about composting in your kitchen. Valerie Gordon explains what makes a superior custard pie, just in time for this year's Pie Contest. Bill Addison reviews Azizam, where the spring menu is filled with creative uses of fresh produce.