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“I like spreading the joy and sharing the love, and barbecue is my means of doing that,” says pitmaster Rodney Scott. Photo by Jerrelle Guy.

Barbecue season is upon us. Good Food heads to the pit for the smoke, the meat, and the masters. Adrian Miller examines the surprising and often overlooked beginnings of American barbecue. Rodney Scott was cooking a whole hog every weekend by the time he was 17-years-old and shares his knowledge of mastering the pit. Andrew and Michelle Munoz are the husband-wife team behind Texas-style Moo’s Craft Barbecue. They explain their backyard to brick & mortar journey in this week’s edition of “In the Weeds.” Nicolette Hahn Niman examines the complex relationship between raising beef and the environment. Gabriela Gomez fell in love with butchering in high school and is now behind the block at Electric City Butcher. Finally, new potatoes are plentiful at the farmer’s market.



Evan Kleiman