Shopping for end-of-summer sweet peppers with Travis Passerotti

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Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson chats with Santa Monica Farmer’s Market regular Travis Passerotti of the Tasting Kitchen in Venice. The chef is shopping for end-of-summer sweet peppers, looking for his go-tos — the Jimmy Nardello, pimetoes, and the corno di toro. The Jimmy Nardello, brought over by an Italian immigrant, is used in a peperonata, a dish with stewed peppers, garlic, onions, olives, oregano, and a splash of vinegar. Cuco Arumbula from Beylik Family Farms is growing the sweet peppers and says the pimentos, lipstick, and toro de oro varietes are the most popular. He compares the pimento to an heirloom tomato with its thin skin, while the lipstick variety is named for its shape and fruity flavor. The toro de oro or “golden horn” is great on fajitas.



Evan Kleiman