The life of James Beard, East LA, ‘In the Weeds’ in Chinatown

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Mary Liang grew up going to work with her parents, Lupe and Judy, at Hop Woo BBQ and Seafood. She remembers walking around Chinatown passing out coupons for the restaurant for free sodas. Photo courtesy of Mary Liang

Mary and Kelley Liang describe their childhood at their parents’ Chinatown-based restaurant Hop Woo in this week’s “In the Weeds.” Next, John Birdsall has written the first biography of James Beard in the last 25 years, which focuses on Beard’s childhood, personal life, and his road to food. Laura Tejada runs down favorite spots for birria and burgers in East LA.  In anticipation of handing out the Golden Tortilla trophy, Tortilla Tournament founder and judge Gustavo Arellano answers listener questions about freezing and which side is up. Finally, Market Correspondent Gillian Ferguson is in search of sweetness and fall fruit at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.



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