LA's Cheap Eats; Raw Milk; Fortified Wine

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Raw milk is legal in California, but the sale is often clandestine. Dana Goodyear sorts through the secrecy and the laws surrounding raw milk in the US. When was the last time you ordered a sherry? Probably never, right? Local wine steward Maxwell Leer is trying our opinion of fortified wines. Joy Wilson (aka Joy the Baker) remembers baking with her dad at four in the morning when he came home from his night shift, and Hank Will expands our knowledge of lard. Lesley Barger Suter curates a selection of LA's top cheap eateries and Jonathan Gold wonders if bacon has finally jumped the shark.

Banner image: Mommom's Chocolate Boubon-Spiked Banana Bread from Joy the Baker by Joy Wilson. Photographs by Joy Wilson. Copyright © 2012 Joy Wilson. Photographs copyright © 2011 Joy Wilson. All Rights Reserved.