Latkes; Halal Fast Food; Lizard Buffet; Jonathan Gold

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This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, celebrate Hanukkah with latkes.  Amelia Saltsman shares her family's favorite recipe.  Baker Abby Dodge is in holiday mode too.  She is making cookies using only four ingredients.  Evan Kleiman takes Jimmy Shaw and Diana Kennedy to a taco truck in East LA.  We'll talk LA street food and the law with Ernesto Hernandez.  Herpetologist Lee Grismer  explains how a new species of lizard was discovered in a Vietnam lunch buffet.  Frank Browning returns to Good Food to talk apples and he tells us how a French fast food restaurant has caused a stir over serving halal meat.  Fermented foods are all the rage, says Burkhard Bilger of The New Yorker.  And Jonathan Gold is here with a restaurant for us to try in Koreatown.  




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