Lebanese cuisine, beer hiking, the return of Vespertine

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In Lebanon, foraged wild edibles play a crucial role in dishes such as salsify pilaf, wild chicory with yogurt sauce, eryngo tabbouleh, artisanal goat cheese, and salsify with qawarma (confit of lamb). Photo by Hana El-Hibri.

In a new cookbook filled with Lebanese recipes, Hana El-Hibri invokes the spirit of "mayylu," an invitation for visitors to pop in. Jo Flashman pairs Southern California hikes with microbreweries. Kitty Morse opens a tattered leather valise and uncovers a WWII journal from her French forbearers — with photographs and some very special recipes. Chef Jordan Kahn ushers in a new era at Vespertine. Gustavo Arellano weighs in on a proposed California law that would require folic acid to be added to masa. Finally, there's a new face at the farmer's market.