In ‘City of Ghosts,’ young sleuths explore LA, its restaurants, and supernatural stories

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In the animated kids’ show “City of Ghosts,” Zelda and her friends form the Ghost Club, which seeks out the supernatural in a quilt of LA’s culturally rich neighborhoods. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Animator Elizabeth Ito is the Los Angeles-born creator of “City of Ghosts,” a six-episode kids’ series on Netflix about a team of child sleuths who traverse diverse neighborhoods of LA, encountering supernatural beings and their stories. There are a slew of restaurants along the way, a personal touch as Ito remembers the multiculturalism of particular neighborhoods where businesses of one group are patronized by people of other ethnicities. Ito says she makes it a priority in her work to use the voices of real people to tell their stories.

 A Oaxacan woman finds her missing her friend Chepe, who happens to be a ghost, in Koreatown’s Soot Bull Jeep in the final episode of Liz Ito’s “City of Ghosts.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.



Evan Kleiman