No Knead Bread; Milk Bank; Cute Food; Whale Hunt

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Culinary schools teach aspiring chefs everything they need to know in the kitchen, from knife skills to how to make the perfect consomme.  Adam Dulye is an instructor at Culinary School of the Rockies where culinary students take a turn on the farm learning about animal slaughter.  


Breast milk is the first food.  For women who have trouble producing it and choose not to use formula, enter the milk bank.  Pauline Sakamoto tells us about the Mother's Milk Bank of California which accepts excess breast milk and distributes it to those in need.  Dr. Buddhima Lokuge of Doctors Without Borders has some solutions for feeding hungry children.  Fish feed can be found in the least likely of places, from cat food to pig feed.  Paul Greenberg tells us why he thinks this is a problem.  


There is nothing better than home baked bread.  Mark Bittman shares a foolproof recipe for homemade, no-knead bread. Christopher Salyers shares the adorable bento boxes or charaben.  Plus Jonathan Harris takes us on a whale hunt.  And Laura Avery tells us what fresh at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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