Pasta shapes, tomatoes, turnips, boiling water

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County Line Harvest at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market is offering two Japanese varieties of turnips, including the hinona kabu, an elongated turnip which is popular for pickling and has a mustard green top. Photo by Gillian Ferguson.

Host Evan Kleiman knows her pasta. This week on Good Food, she talks to Dan Pashman, who she has been advising on his quest to engineer a brand new pasta shape. Scott Daigre of Tomatomania! is back with his annual seedling sale just in time for spring. Gillian Ferguson talks turnips at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Professor Alex Susskind discusses how restaurants are embracing operations and learning to shift costs to the consumer. Michelin-starred chef Dave Beran of Pasjoli shares how his menu shifted to takeout for this week’s edition of “In the Weeds.” Finally, J. Kenji López-Alt provides a science lesson on what happens when water boils.



Evan Kleiman