Pick up thy fork and dig into pie: The KCRW Good Food PieFest & Contest returns

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Apple is one of nine categories for bakers to enter at KCRW's Pie Fest & Contest, taking place at UCLA's Royce Quad on Sunday, April 30. Photo by Andrea D'Agosto.

The KCRW Good Food Piefest & Contest returns to UCLA on Sunday, April 30. Registration is open for bakers in the following categories: Fruit, Apple, Savory, Nut, Cream/Chiffon/Mousse, Cooked Custard, Vegan, Kids Under 10, and Lineage Pie, based on the Fowler Museum exhibition "The Fallacy of Borders."

Stay tuned as judges are announced, tips are shared, and tummies start to rumble when Evan Kleiman talks pie with the best in the biz.