Eggs, Passover, rhubarb, maple syrup

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Food writer Rachel Khong discovered that the preferred color of egg yolks varies around the world, from pale yellow to deep orange. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

It’s Spring Break. Good Food is taking that quite literally — taking stock over the last year and hitting pause to recharge and set new intentions, while looking back on previous segments that celebrate the season. Rachel Khong catalogs the history of egg recipes and the phenomena of raising chickens. Rabbi Carol Balin connects the dots between Passover and Maxwell House Coffee. Rabbi Shumly Yanklowitz shares substitutions to compose a vegan Seder plate. Food writer Michal Korkosz describes a meatless Polish Easter. Ilana Sharlin Stone describes a pickled fish popular in South African Easters. Tinky Weisblat advocates eating rhubarb. Finally, Doug Whynott chronicles a family of maple syrup producers in the Northeast.



Evan Kleiman