The Secret Life of Lobsters; Finger Limes; Perfect Potato Chips

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Author Trevor Corson draws us into the fascinating world of lobsters unveiling sex, violence and romance underwater, and food scholar Andrew F. Smith walks us through the history of American tuna. Chef Michael Cimarusti discusses the challenge of sourcing wild seafood and the thrill of catching your own dinner. Independent producer Whitney Henry-Lester captures the inspiring story of pie baker Teeny Lamothe. Jonathan Gold declares he's found his platonic ideal of a potato chip, and beloved TV personality and chef Sara Moulton gives us a rundown in how to shop efficiently at the farmers’ market. Plus, Chuck Kallal offers tips on cooking fresh garbanzo beans, and Megan Shanley recommends garnishing your next seafood dinner with some finger lime citrus caviar.

Banner image courtesy of Whitney Henry-Lester