Ukrainian eggs, iftar, Italian Jewish Passover

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The Ukrainian art of egg decorating dates back over 1,000 years with traditions and stories behind each design. Photo courtesy of Sofika Zielyk.

Sofika Zielyk has been making pysanka, Ukrainian Easter eggs, since she was a young girl, and now she’s using her craft to help contain the outrage and heartbreak over the political strife in her wartorn home country. Zaynab Issa has solutions for keeping iftar, the evening meal, stress-free during Ramadan. Fifth generation chicken keeper Lisa Steele shares recipes and techniques for showcasing the versatility of eggs. Benedetta Jasmine Guetta provides a history of Jewish Italians and dishes to bring to the seder table this Passover. Finally, tangerines are at their sweetest this time of year at the farmer’s market.