White bread, sandwiches, masa, tacos

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Looking to use Thanksgiving leftovers? Chef Tyler Kord says he can turn anything into a sandwich such as this Zucchini Parm from his cookbook, ““A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches.” Photo by Noah Feck.

Good Food explores the two edible art forms that best feature leftovers — the sandwich and taco. Politics professor Aaron Bobrow-Strain looks at the history of white bread in America and how it became so popular and industrialized. Cheese authority Laura Werlin discusses the origin and variations of grilled cheese. Tyler Kord offers riffs on the traditional sub. Wax Paper in LA pays homage to NPR personalities with their sandwiches, and co-owner Peter Lemos explains what goes into an “Ira Glass.”  Gustavo Arellano speaks with Jorge Gaviria about the role of masa in some of Southern California’s best tortillas, and José R. Ralat takes eaters on a journey of America’s regional tacos.



Evan Kleiman