Drinking wine with intention: a guide from Lou Amdur

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Lou Amdur suggests drinking a Madeira in the new year, a high alcohol, fortified wine that is an invitation to slow down and “consider the noetic world inside of your head as the volatilized vapors fill your skull.” Photo by Laure Joliet.

Lou Amdur of Lou Wine Shop in Los Feliz remembers that early on during the pandemic, the CDC cautioned the public to limit its drinking. There was a collective response of “uh, yeah, no.” Amdur is seeing more people reach for everyday, delicious, less expensive wines. On his list of recommendations is Pineau d’Aunis, a grape with a sensibility of days gone by, as well as light-bodied and low-in-alcohol reds. At the other end of the spectrum are fortified wines that may require a moment of meditation and an invitation to slow down with good Madeira. 



Evan Kleiman