Unconventional winemaking, Taiwanese cuisine, late summer corn

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"Food is a national part of a place's identity," says Clarissa Wei. "So you're seeing restaurants and chefs, and in particular fine dining restaurants where storytelling is a natural part of the marketing, focusing on ingredients that are endemic to Taiwan." Photo by Yen Wei and Ryan Chen.

Maggie Harrison describes the "maniacal rigor" with which she seeks out beauty through winemaking. Papaya and mustard, dates and tomatoes, fennel and coffee — Niki Segnit backs her wild flavor pairings with science. Clarissa Wei unpacks the influence of different cultures that found their way into Taiwanese cooking. Gustavo Arellano lays out the itinerary for the 2023 Tortilla Tournament. Late summer corn from the farmer's market finds its way onto the menu at hibi in Koreatown.