MBE Aug. 18: Welcome to Global Beat Mexico!

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Today’s the day we pack our bags and take flight, approximately 8,913 miles from the world’s largest island (Australia) to somewhere a little closer to home. Drumroll please… México

Welcoming us with open arms is México City-based DJ and music supervisor Junf, who steps into the guest curator seat for Global Beat: Mexico’s inaugural episode, alongside the one and only Señor Discos, KCRW DJ Raul Campos. Raul joins us live in the studio to bid a bittersweet farewell to Australia with our first season’s final episode and reflect on the beautiful run we’ve had exploring the tapestry of diverse up-and-coming artists that make up the continent. Join us in kicking off this new season of Global Beat with some retro-tinged romanticism, goth cumbia, and vibey alt-pop out of Mexico!  

Plus, we give shine to artists repping the San Fernando Valley.. From natives like FlyLo, to transplants like Nancy Sinatra, to MBE’s very own Anthony Valadez, clearly there’s something special in that Valley water.





Anna Chang