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Republicans take to Capitol Hill to dismantle Obamacare 6 MIN, 32 SEC

The President went to Capitol Hill this morning with a message for Democrats: “Don't rescue the Republicans” when it comes to repealing Obamacare. After the meeting, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer announced, "We're here today to warn the American people that the Republican plan to cut Medicare, Medicaid, repeal the ACA will make America sick again."

But House Speaker Paul Ryan voiced reassurance. "We want to make sure that as we give relief to people through Obamacare, we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out from anybody during that transition period."

Noam Levey, national health policy reporter for the Los Angeles Times, says the devil will be in the details.

Noam Levey, Los Angeles Times (@NoamLevey )

Obama's foreign policy legacy 32 MIN, 54 SEC

In a tradition started by George Washington, President Obama will deliver his Farewell Message on Tuesday, but he's already held forth on what he sees as major achievements of his foreign policy. "Thru diplomacy, we've ensured that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon, without going to war with Iran, we've opened a new chapter with people of Cuba and brought nearly two hundred nations together around a climate agreement that very well could save the planet for our kids and now almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than eight years ago"

Official White House photo by Pete Suarez

But Donald Trump and Republicans say the Iran deal, the "red line" in Syria, recognition of Cuba and relations with China and Russia all add up to "disaster." We hear about troop reductions, increasing drone use and diplomatic successes and failures in a world of unexpected conflicts and dangerous uncertainties.

Landler on the Afghan War and the evolution of Obama
Landler on Obama, Trump and the turf war that has come to define the Transition

Alter Egos

Mark Landler

The conservative embrace of Julian Assange 10 MIN, 15 SEC

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been roundly attacked in this country for revealing military and diplomatic secrets. But, President-elect Trump seems to believe Assange -- as opposed to US Intelligence agencies -- when it comes to Russian hacking. Last night, Assange himself was guest of Sean Hannity, a Trump supporter, on Fox News. Assange pointed an accusatory finger at the Obama Administration for trying to "delegitimize" President-elect Trump.

While Trump supporter Sarah Palin has urged Americans to watch that interview, South Carolina's Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has other ideas, dismissing Assange's credibility. "In Julian Assange World, we are all the bad guy."

Josh Meyer, senior reporter for the NBC News Investigations Unit, says it's troubling that the President-elect of the US is finding everyone else in the world to blame other than those that intelligence experts have uncovered.

Josh Meyer, Politico (@JoshMeyerDC)

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