Coady Brown’s ‘Rabid Heart’ brings nightlife to gallery walls

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Coady Brown’s show “Rabid Heart” on display at the Shulamit Nazarin Gallery. Photo courtesy of Shulamit Narzarin Gallery.

Artist Coady Brown has a new show called “Rabid Heart” at the Shulamit Nazarin Gallery. Her deeply saturated work features closely cropped scenes between female and androgynous characters, often in what appear to be nightclubs. Though figurative, her large-format oil paintings are not realistic scenes. Instead the artist says her work “is an exaggeration of the everyday.”

“A Shadow of the Dreams We Had” by Coady Brown. Photo Courtesy of Shulamit Nazarin Gallery.

“Out of Reach” by Coady Brown. Photo courtesy of Shulamit Nazarin Gallery.