Shopping on TikTok: Small brands gain customers among Gen Z

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Erin DeVilbiss and Dani Boyce film a TikTok video to promote Tower 28’s mascara. TikTok has become an important marketing tool for small brands during the holiday shopping season. Photo by Megan Jamerson/KCRW.

Less is more on TikTok, where LA’s small brands gain customers by showcasing their personality on modest marketing budgets this holiday shopping season.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have made movies together in front of the camera. This year, they teamed up behind-the-scenes to make ‘A Man Called Otto,’ a film about grief, loss, and community. 

The leader of Parliament Funkadelic is out with a new art exhibit that looks like his music sounds. ‘The Rhythm of Vision’ is on view now at Jeffrey Deitch gallery.