6th Street Viaduct speaks to LA’s need for more public space

The new 6th Street Bridge, which opened on July 10, 2022 and cost $588 million to construct, is now undergoing repairs due to misuse by the public. The City of LA must fix the damage caused by graffiti, car sideshows, and fireworks. Credit: Ted Soqui/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect.

Street racers have performed stunts, donuts, and burnouts on the 6th Street Viaduct, drawing the attention of the LAPD and national news outlets.

Mark Finchem, a member ​​of the Arizona House of Representatives and the far-right Oath Keepers, is now the Republican nominee for secretary of state.

New texts from Alex Jones’ phone indicate he may have withheld evidence during his defamation case against the families of victims in the Sandy Hook shooting.

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